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Have you ever noticed it's the challenges in life that lead you to a charmed life? The reason we love football champions, basketball champions, cricket champions and champions in life is because of the challenges they have had to overcome.

That's why I created CharmedLIfe Challenges, to help business owners like yourself solve the major obstacles to maximizing their revenue, time freedom, and client impact. When we install our client acquisition machine, it takes just 48 hours for business owners to solve the five challenges to living living a charmed life:

1. We Manage Your Reputation.

2. We Automate Your Marketing.

3. We Showcase Your Expertise.

4. We Scale Your Referrals.

5. We Buy Your Traffic.

The Result?

We convert leads on autopilot, all while saving you thousands on agency fees.

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Think you require an expensive marketing agency to generate quality leads? Think again! With our SAAS software, it's so easy even a 10 year old can do it.

But how does this marketing agency model work?

The Secret Recipe That Makes Us So Successful


We manage your reputation by getting you more 5-star reviews.


We automate your marketing by building out a client acquisition funnel.


We showcase your expertise by producing an automated webinar.


We scale your referrals by establishing partnerships.


We buy your traffic by supplying our proven media buyer to run Facebook ads.

What Happens Next?


We start with a quick chat to walk you through the details of how you can install your client marketing machine for you in just 2 days.


We onboard our campaigns, landing pages and the adverts. Always keeping you in the loop.


We begin to generate highly qualified leads using our referral campaign and Facebook campaign.


We fill your calendar with qualified immigration professional appointments on autopilot.

What Happens Next?


We start with a quick chat to see if we are able to supply you with _____ leads. We will walk you through the details of how you receive the leads.


We start working on the campaign, landing pages and the adverts. Always keeping you in the loop.


We begin to generate highly qualified _____ leads.


We deliver the _____ leads to your preferred channel. You pay per lead received.

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